continuation of installment.

after your long, breathless wait ...
{yeah right, no body reads this stuff}

DAY #4.

-drive to baltimore, md

{meet lucy, perky's assailant}

{just boppin}

-inner harbor for breakfast

{model behavior? paige has got IT.}

{christmas card anyone?}

{we ate breakfast at  miss shirleys, home "the best breakfast in baltimore: shirley's affair with oscar"}

{but this little number is what i got: coconut cream stuffed french toast with brulee bananas}

-maybe make a few stops on the way ... charm city cakes for instance
{i may or may not be taking liberties on the original agenda}

-drive to philadelphia, pa

-longwood gardens
{also known as wonderland}

{prepare for this section to be replete with pictures ... i absolutely LOVED! this garden. i highly recommend seeing this if you ever find your self near philidelphia.}

{italian water fountains.}

{this was a beautiful exhibit of bonsai trees. tres interessant.}

-national museum of american jewish history
{we spent too long lost in wonderland and came after this closed so we, unfortunately, didn't get to see it}

-independence hall

-liberty bell
{that one bell with a crack in it, not juno's little sister}

{this almost looks like we were in the room, when actually, we were too late to go in the building. who closes viewings at 5:00pm? come on!}

{apparently we over booked, because i didn't actually see this either, but i had to tell you about it's claim to be the oldest inhabited street in the country!}

-the most important thing that we did in philadelphia was eat a philly cheese steak. it was also the most exciting and most risky thing we did. south philly at night: "paige, we're not in utah anymore" 

stick around for a snappy french song sung by a heavenly choir.

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marie said...

you two are too cute! please send me that picture around christmas time. i surely would appreciate