a day in dupont.

while i was serving in northwest dc, my favorite past-time was to go and talk to people in dupont circle. this radical revolution is filled with guitar playing, yoga doing, hula-hoopers that enjoy their time in the circle as much as i always did. i loved it so much that i made up the following song {maybe your humor digresses while you're on your mission, so maybe you won't find this funny, but my companions and i thought it was hilarious in the moment and continued to sing it throughout our missions}.

boppin around, the cirque du dupont
with my barrett et mon baguette ...

DAY #5.
- georgetown
{a gem of a place}

{sprinkles ... mmm ...}

-metro to dupont

{paige strongly dislikes persons snapping pictures while riding public transit.}

- meet sisters in dupont circle @ 12 noon 

{look at that happiest face ever in the middle.}

{i love this picture for two reasons: 1) i'm leading the pack, as always! ha ha. and 2) my chit-chatty face talking with sister ellsworth}

{we ate lunch together at sweet greens! YUM! as you can plainly see on sister gordon's face.}

{we continued our laughs over at larry's ice cream. i got some orangie-chocolate goodness and paige got lavendar. yes!}

{the whole clan.}

{i just had to post this cause i think it is hilarious.}

- national art gallery
{really only dad and perky went to this and missed out on the above}

- newseum
{MARVELOUS museum that included ...}

{front pages of BIG events in american history.}

{pictures that make you think the president is just a regular ol' joe.}

{memorial exhibits for world changing events.}

{a hand-written newspaper reporting the earthquake in japan.}

{funny paiges. oh wait, anywhere you go with paige has this. holla!}

- 6:00 pm temple session

{my very favorite painting of the dc temple. and tissue paper flowers made by one of my favorite girls.}

{mi casa.}

-get some american grub at silver diner

{i was DEAD! by the end of this day.}

stick around for that one place i always end up leaving my heart in.

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Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

Those cupcakes look delectable.... yum.