the following installment is a travel log.

where: the east coast {washington dc, baltimore, philadelphia, and new york city}
when: too long ago {forgive my delay}
who: dad, mom, paige, perky, and yours truly

DAY #1.
{itinerary style}

- flight to dc
delta 2384 – leave slc 10:38 am arrive dc 4:43 pm

{do you guys read real simple? it is a wonderful use of time. it is where i gain all of my post-college knowledge. well, that and a little in style.}

{i'm really not bald, i just appear that way sometimes.}

-lincoln memorial – at night {that never happened}. what DID happen:

{a trip to the temple and the SISTERS!!! naturally.}

{a trip to my peruvian love CRISP AND JUICY.}


-sleep {with the above in your stomach ...}

stay tuned for tomorrow's edition which may or may not include a lot of patriotism and someone saying "wanna hold it?"

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Mark said...

The D.C. temple at night...inspiring. French fried Yucca root...YUM! We need to find Peruvian in Utah. Any suggestions?