courtney and julia.

DAY #2.

-washington monument

{paige and i thought the phrase "wanna hold it" was a good title for this picture and didn't stop saying it the entire trip. wanna hold it?}

{paige and penny. wanna hold it?}

-WWII monument
{reppin' grandpa jack who was "in the navy".}

-the linclon memorial

{i really like this picture. it is the "i have a dream" spot.}

-meet sophie and the gang at noon for some regina singing and mario dancing

{sophie. the gang didn't make it in the picture ...}

-walk for what feels like 10 miles, on the way spot great street art

-eat dinner at fancy place with taxidermy decor.

{crazy bangs.}

-walk another 10 miles to the car, in the rain
{this sounds awful, but it was actually quite enjoyable}

{that blur to the right, that's paige, my sister.}

next time:  reunions with the living and the dead.

{editor's note: i originally named this post "courtney and julia" because of a picture of courtney and julia ... then i deleted it. sorry if i smashed your dreams or something.}

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