dream realized.

{bike gang courtney.}

have i told you about my bike gang obsession?

i'm obsessed with bikes and like the idea of starting a gang.

and when i say gang i mean:
  1. a group of persons, usually youths, who share a common identity and who generally engage in criminal behaviour. In contrast to the criminal behaviour of other youths, the activities of gangs are characterized by some level of organization and continuity over time. there is no consensus on the exact definition of a gang, however, and scholars have debated whether the definition should expressly include involvement in crime. some gangs, but not all, have strong leadership, formalized rules, and extensive use of common identifying symbols. many gangs associate themselves with a particular geographic area or type of crime, and some use graffiti as a form of nonverbal communication.
  2. a group of persons associating for antisocial and often criminal purposes and activities.
  3. a group of people who associate together or act as an organized body.
  4. a heard of buffaloes or elks or a pack of wild dogs.
  5. a group or band.
  6. a group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons, especially such a group engaging in delinquent behavior.
  7. group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests who gather together for social reasons.
all of these apply.

on my list of things to do after my mission, start a bike gang was second only to wear big, dark rimmed glasses.

my dream was partially realized last weekend when my parents and sister gang went for a spin in the moonlight.

and maybe riding on antelope island at midnight is on my top ten list of favorite things i've done in my life.


**to apply for said bike gang click here**


paige. said...

YES! bike gangs are the only way to live. literally. because our bike gang will OWN YOU if you don't join one.
signing off,

wjmom said...

I wish I were awesome enough to be in a bike gang. Alas...