sad day miss paige.

i bet you are so sad. i bet you are crying a little bit right now. i bet you can't wait till i go back and have another travel log installment that lasts 2 months.
i bet.

DAY #10.
the last day of our east coast extravaganza.

-10:00am church
union first ward 
144 west 15th street

{we really didn't go to the union first ward. but we did take pictures in front of the temple!}

-eat sunday brunch at our most favoritest breakfast spot in all the world

{best fresh-squeezed oj. best!}

-green flea market, upper west side

{paige and i love mim. she is entertaining. and we would have loved to see her on broadway in wonderland, but it closed two weeks before we got there. however, we DID catch her on a few billboards and posters throughout the city. LOVED it. ya look great mim!}

{special flea market earrings.}

-take a pre-flight nap

{one last rest on that heavenly bed. it was GOOD.}

-  flight to slc {home}
delta flight 1733
leave nyc 7:05pm arrive slc 10:42pm

{us bidding farewell to our second favorite city.}
        until next time.

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