"brooklyn bay where they birthed me at."

really i wasn't born in brooklyn.
but i DID promise a guest apperance from your favorite rapper, jay z.

DAY #9.

it's saturday may 21st.
and it is a LOVELY day. a lovely day for a stroll through brooklyn. 

-the brooklyn bridge
my new favorite spot.

{in utah we walk like this.}

{that is not a moustache.}

{down under the manhatten bridge overpass.}

{random acts of art.}


{we went to the most amazing store that i loved so much, one that would only be in manhatten: KIOSK. i bought three coral rings there. you know those ones you find in florida that come in all different "charcters"?}

 -chelsea market

-catch me if you can

guys. don't be sad, but up next is our last day in nyc.
don't cry.


Mark and Lisa said...

i love your posts about the trip! i loved the trip! i love you!

marie said...

i took that same picture by the people in different countries haha