24 things to do before i turn 25.

today i turn 24. and i think that is pretty old. is it? should i be more accomplished by now? i don't know.

to help myself feel more accomplished i've created a
24 things to do before i turn 25 list
{my dear, dear friend brittney used to make one every year and i loved it}:
1. go to disneyland.
2. hike mount timpanogos.
3. do more yoga.
4. travel outside of the united states.
5. finish reading jesus the christ.
6. read till we have faces. -- half checked off
7. go to paris with faux parisian {kenzie, this means you}.
8. make a quilt.
9. participate in a triathlon.
10. buy a condo and/or move to nyc. -- i'm gonna go ahead and count renting my little slc apt for #10
11. jump off the high dive.
12. go to texas to see this bundle of joy.
13. ride my bike with no hands.
14. apply to graduate school.
15. have 1/2 of a master's degree in education.
16. obtain a larger, age appropriate wardrobe.
17. learn the art of watercolor.
18. remember the art of ceramics.
19. watch 5 2, never before seen, classic films. -- gentlemen prefer blondes, strangers on a train, the bicycle thief, ...
20. get a {henna} tattoo.
21. take an overnight trip with paige so she can use her delta airline refund.
22. learn how to slalom ski.
23. hike the narrows.
24. have blonde hair again.


britt said...

SUCH a good list :) I love the heck out of you.

Roxanne said...

beautiful list! happy birthday, girl! if you ever want any help checking things off your list, give me a call :)

wjmom said...

Happy birthday, my friend! You realize that 24 things to do averages accomplishing 2 per month, right? And also, does "travel out of the country" and "Go to Paris" really count as 2 separate items? Lastly, can I go?