8.8 through the years.







{eighth. at spag fact.}

{ninth. and the best. look how great those presents are! also the birthday my parents decided to stop taking pictures of me and my growth.}

{twenty first.}

{twenty second.}

{twenty third. on the mission.}

{twenty third. by proxy at home.}


Mark and Lisa said...

You are SOOOOO cute!

Mark said...

August 8, 1987....one of the best days of my life! Love you.

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

oh my gosh I had that SAME minnie mouse doll from your second birthday!!! It was my best friend for many years...

paige. said...

is it bad to say that your last birthday was one of my favorites? yeah it's bad. plus it's a lie. birthdays 3-present have been my favie...since it's kinda a mini birthday for moi! much love sister girl.

marie said...

such a cute birthday post! happy birthday!