a sweet treat.

i hear cupcakes are on the outs and pies are on the ins.
in what? just in.

to celebrate their being in {and also to celebrate lara's marriage to stephen}, we had a tasty pastry party.

{annie is utah's pioneer woman. we use her when we want to eat good things. which, incidentally, occurs daily. her key lime pie was no exception to the goodness she brings to us every time we see her.}

{paigey pie.}

{libby, paige, and i discussing the greatness of pie. susan and perky are probably discussing the same thing.}

happy marriage lara!


paige. said...

ha! that picture of my you lib suz and paerky all discussing pie is our family in a nutshell. good times.

wjmom said...

I've heard that pie is the new cupcake, too. As long as there's pumpkin, I'm good with that.

Glad you had fun!

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

you guys are so good to me. I will eat good food with you whenever you'd like, as long as my finger doesn't get chopped off. and I say we start a pie shop. Yes?? yes. Oh, and pretty sure ALL of your pies nearly killed me from their goodness! chocolate and chocolate silk? lemon chiffon? COCONUT CREAM?? my life was changed forever at this pie party.

Great idea doing the pie, it was adorable!