things to accomplish this fall: read.

you probably know me pretty well by now. if you haven't figured it out already by reading my blog everyday {cause you do huh!}, i'm not much of a reader. the books everyone tells me to read always get made into movies anyway, so why waste 2 months reading a book that i could understand in 2 hours. that's my thought process.

but on rare occasion, i decide to read, either because i have been peer pressured into doing so {the devil wears prada, harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, the davinici code, the first 25 pages of twilight, etc} or because i think i might learn a thing or two by doing so {lord of the flies, the old man and the sea, to kill a mockingbird, of mice and men, etc}. and sometimes, if the stars are aligned just right, i even LIKE a book {the problem of pain - cs lewis, sophie's world - jostein gaarder, jesus the christ - james e talmage, the hiding place - corrie ten boom, hamlet - william shakespeare, etc}.

the reason i'm bring this up is because it is september. you know, that time of year that is known for bouquets of sharpened pencils, book bags, and teachers. this has been the first year {not including that one time i was doing something else that was really important} EVER! that i don't get to participate in it. i don't need any pencils, i use a sharpie pen at work. i have enough book bags, but sadly, have no newly purchased books to inhabit them. i don't have any teachers, i know everything now {picture my face really sad now because it is}.

to remedy this sad sad day {miss paige}, i have created a reading list {lists always seem to cheer me right up}:
  • the diary of anne frank - anne frank
  • till we have faces - cs lewis
  • the screwtape letters - cs lewis
  • a tree grows in brooklyn - betty smith
  • temple and cosmos - hugh nibley
  • fall catelog - j crew
  • september issue - real simple
wish me luck.


paige. said...

this is the funniest thing i have seen in weeks. you are brilliant...and about to become even more so after this reading adventure. i love you and miss you.

brittney said...

well, nibley is.... so freaking hard for me to read. holy smokes.

and a tree grows in brooklyn is really beautiful, but I read it when I was in the 6th grade, which I think was way way way too young - so I've been thinking about reading it too.

and you did a huge project on one of elder lewis' other books right? which one?

courtney. said...

i've read only a few essays by nibly and really enjoyed them ... he's just like, the smartest man in the world. right? also i attended a few classes on him at byu. interesting fellow.

and the philosophy paper i did was "why do we suffer?" in which i studied the brother lewis' the problem of pain. SO great.

Sarah and Wes said...

Yay! A very worthy goal. I still miss school.

wjmom said...

Anne Frank -- So sad! So sweet!
Screwtape -- Fantastic!
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -- Yeah, 6th grade is DEFINITELY too young. You'll love it.
J. Crew and Real Simple -- Promising.

-OR- I could do all the reading while you do all my school work.

And the reference to newly-sharpened pencils is the best thing that's happened to me all day! (Dote-cha theek daisies are the freddliest flower?)