dream life.

my life is pretty good i guess, but a girl can dream can't she?

i dream about two things:

1) having a condo in downtown salt lake.
in fact, i already have the perfect one picked out. all wood floors, except for the cutest vintage tile in the kitchen and bathroom. two bedrooms, one bath. just my size.


2) owning a little shop.
in years past it has always been my dream to own a bakery {picture the bakery on stranger than fiction}. i DO make a mean chocolate chip cookie ...
but lately i've been re thinking this. lately i've been thinking, there aren't any popsicle shops round these parts and there aren't any ice cream parlors anymore.
a popsicle shop, great right? i would call it the pop shop.
an ice cream parlor. the kind with egg creams and chocolate sodas. it would be called cherry on top or jack's {named after the great jack wightman, ice creamer extraordinaire}.

just dreams. that's all.


Sarah and Wes said...

If you had a bakery or an ice cream parlor, I would DEFINITELY go.

Mark said...

I sure do miss the GREAT Jack Wightman and his ice cream service.