a page outta my notebook: mission study journals.

i like the idea of installments within a blog.
have you noticed?
something about a continuum of ever growing thoughts, all under a precise little label.

a page outta my notebook.

passing thought - reading from old notebooks is amusing.
idea - i should blog about it.

the following were retrieved from the pages of my mission study journals. some lists {mostly lists}, some scriptures, some quotes, some randomy.

-"the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." stephen covey
-a list of names
  • eden
  • ransom
  • cade
  • daxton
  • dee
  • lola
  • eleanor
  • jack
-guy-yow {pronunciation of chinese "go"}
-"in the depth of winter we find within us an invincible summer."
-chanman challenge: a game of trivia and tofu
-fasting journal
  • 7:47am begin fast
  • 8:10 am feel peace and comfort, more faith and desire to learn
  • 10:55am i realize i'm hungry
  • 11:01am tour of the exhibit, tears shed
  • 12:51pm I'M STARVING!
  • ...
-things to do on "east coast hallapalooza"
  • longwood garden's
  • clyde's
  • sweet greens
  • georgetown cupcakes
-"the lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works." psalms 145:9
-note to self: buy "how to be an explorer of the world" by keri smith
-how has stales grown: squirrels and star trek
-facets of my testimony

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