favored fall facets by aundrea.

{comedic relief at the office/well of administrative knowledge/useless banter companion}

{she is apparently a big foreigners fan too.}

5. fall clothes!
4. driving into the mountains to look at the beautiful colors.
3. putting in the SPRING bulbs!
2. the smell of newly-sharpened pencils {can you name that movie?}
1. THANKSGIVING!  {my favorite holiday}

**aundrea makes my days at work seem like a night at a comedy club. unfortunately, we are the stuck-to-the-deskers and these moments are few and far between {walking to the mail room, mid-day chat about randomy to keep us awake}.

the picture above depicts another favorite from my list.

byu football.

my dad gets this really weird giddiness about him as fall rolls around. like a kid on christmas. the reason, football season. he has been a season ticket holder for 29 years {please see the original 1984 national championship shirt i am wearing in the photo above}. he is the most loyal fan i know {well, him and his brother lynn}. all through those tough crowton years, through heat and rain and sleet and snow. you'll never see them leave a game early {unlike half, no, MORE than half of the fans at this year's byu utah game}, and when they do see people leave they always yell to them "it's not over till it's over", then site the miracle bowl.

so naturally, i am a byu fan.
and for me fall = byu football, cougar dogs, the imperial march, "rise and shout the cougars are out", and being squished between 62,000 other fans.
i love it.

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Mark said...

Go Cougars!

Go Foreigner(Blue Mornin',Blue Day)

After looking at that Miracle Bowl video, I think Cosmo may have committed offensive pass interference in the end zone. Thank heavens they didn't have a replay official in those days!