favored fall facets by paige.

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fall is a bit of an identity crisis.  not only is it home to an entire holiday dedicated to dressing up like something you are not but deep down inside you actually wish you were {and this year i secretly, deep down, hidden in my soul, want to be a lawn gnome}, but there are GADS of other crisis {crises-es?} sprinkled all throughout.  girls pretend to know jake heaps' stats and what an offensive linebacker is as to impress the avid football fan man, people of all ages race to crunch a fallen leave, purely to hear it crunch, leaving them feeling like a giant super villain destroying the almighty leaf in a mere stomp of a giant step, and fashion becomes a mystery 'too late for shorts?  to early for a scarf??  what to do?!!'

courtney told me to write 5 things that make me a fall lover. so besides finding excuses to drink hot chocolate, wearing my coat prematurely, dedicating days to being terrified, and candidly beginning my christmas list, the identity crisis sums up my feelings for my favorite season of pumpkins and self-unsurity {new word-live it, love it, crave it}. GO AUTUMN!

** i love her too much.

"dedicating days to being terrified"
now THAT is on my list of favored fall facets!

halloween, there is just nothing like it. when else is it socially acceptable to dress up like a mass murderer? i am celebrating this year, not by dressing up like a mass murderer, but by watching mass murderers in action.

the 13 days of halloween.that's what we're calling it. a time of dread and distress, a time when family and friends gather to delight in horror movies. to kick off the insanity, i've made a list of my all time favorite halloween movies:

1. drag me to hell
this is just a gem of a movie. very well made. very quirky. just a GEM!

2. the shining
the first time i saw this was my freshman year at byu. i was sick on halloween night and watched it on tv. my roommates and i quoted from it constantly for a couple weeks, until we came home late one night to see REDRUM written in red all over our front door. we were pretty freaked.

3. pan's labyrinth
oh the imagery in this film! it's beautiful. and nightmarish.

4. rosemary's baby
what a super creep idea for a movie. creepier, i'm positive that the doctor's office that she goes to in the movie was in my mission.

5. young frankenstein
the love that i have for this movie was passed down to me by my father. i'm pretty sure the hardest i've ever seen him laugh is during the "oh sweet mystery of life at last i've found you ..." part, EVERY TIME!

6. the orphange
i giggle with joy {and fright} each time i watch this. "SIMONE!" 
7. a tale of two sisters
one critic said this about this korean film: "never has a menstrual cycle been more terrifying." haha! my film major roommate in college was always bringing home such wonderful movies for us to watch, a tale of two sisters was no exception. hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

8. the ring
omg. i saw this on halloween day in a theater with only me and my friend emily {who forced me into seeing in and into staying when i thought i would die from terror}. i was so scared for 7 STRAIGHT DAYS!
9. ... hocus pocus
i had to add this. i just have so many marvelous memories of eating chili and watching this just before i would go out trick-or-treating on halloween night. more movies should be made about the salem witch trials.
10. the omen
the voice of the nanny yelling "look at me damien, it's all for you!" just before she hangs herself, haunts me to this day.

a horrorary mention goes to shudder island, the film that kicked off my post-mission horror movie watching.

happy haunting!


Sarah and Wes said...

I don't really know Paige but this post made me really love her and made me really EXTRA excited for fall!!!!

brittney said...

this is the greatest movie list ever. I love lists, I love THIS list, i love you.

Roxanne said...

drag me to hell is DISGUSTING! i watched it with sam once while we were dating and i was so mad by the end of it haha the scene with the old lady vomiting larva or whatever the heck that was made me vomit in my mouth. gross.