keep calm.

**disclaimer: this is cliche and kind of old news {actually it is REALLY old news "keep calm and carry on was a poster produced by the british government in 1939 during the beginning of the second world war, intended to raise the morale of the british public in the event of invasion."}.

you know that phrase keep calm and carry on?

yeah yeah, you know.
i really like this phrase in general. but what i like perhaps even more than the original phrase, are the copy cats.

there's something for everyone here!

{for tangerine.}

{cupcake lovers.}

{baby boomers.}

{bob the builders.}

{asians. including me.}



{halloween enthusiasts.}

{kansas fans.}

{hitchcock fans.} 

{facial hair advocates.}

{fancy people.}



{and people reading this blog today.}

happy friday.


StevenHamilton said...

I've decided to keep calm and grown a mustache.

Sarah and Wes said...

I especially liked the "Keep Calm and Carry On My Wayward Son," and "Freak Out and Throw Stuff." I think I should make a sign that says Freak Out and Throw Stuff for my house.