even though i haven't blogged in a week {whoa!}

i've be productive.

i'm moving right along on my 24 things list.

- i am on the search for a good, well-educated, humble, not snobby, cheap{er}, yoga teacher. mind you, this is a large task. this summer, i searched a bit with annie, but was not impressed by the "this is where our all vegan restaurant is going"-nose in the air-hipster-elitist receptionist at trolly square's studio. i got that same kind of treatment plus a "HURRY AND TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES BECAUSE WE DON'T LET ANYONE IN CLASS LATE!" bark and also i almost died from the hell they call bikram yoga. then yesterday, i got some lady that doesn't even do cobra or downward facing dog correctly, not to mention her closing her eyes throughout the entire class and "teaching" us how to bend up and down for 15 minutes.

long rant = i need a new yoga class asap. but in the process, i've partially fulfilled #3 do more yoga.

- on monday, i finally finished reading jesus the christ {#5}. finally. this was actually on not one but 2 to-do lists in 2011. glad i finished.


"prayer is made of up heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul." pg 238

"happiness is not akin with levity, nor is it one with light-minded mirth. it springs from the deeper fountains of the soul, and is not infrequently accompanied by tears. have you never been so happy that you have had to weep? i have." pg 248

"bounteously did he impart of his healing virtue to all who came asking with faith and confidence. thus, accompanied by the twelve, he wended his way northerly to capernaum, making the pathway bright by the plentitude of his mercies." pg 338

"ought we not be liberal and charitable in our judgment as to the intent of others?" pg 446

"god needs workers and such as will labor faithfully and effectively are welcomed into the vineyard. if, before beginning they insist on the stipulation of a wage, and this be agreed to, each shall receive his penny provided he has not lost his place ... but those who diligently labor, knowing that the master will give to them whatever is right, and with thought for the work rather than for the wage, shall find themselves more bountifully enriched." pg 482 

oh, its good.

- i've been steadily working on #16 obtain a larger, more age appropriate wardrobe. i'd like to thank jcrew and their weekly emails for this. i plan on continuing my labour by checking out the new stuff at rox&sam later this week.

- strangers on a train has been added to #19 {watch five, never before seen, classic films}. very good, very hitcockie. perfect for the season. however, i was more frightened after the movie ended when emily and i had a discussion about how psycho, silence of the lambs, and texas chainsaw massacre were all based on the same, real life, person. uh ... scariest thing ever!

- and on sunday, i walked to a pumpkin patch {wasn't on any list, but still stimulating}.

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Mark said...

Isn't Talmage the best? Those are some great quotes! Best church book ever written.