i come from a long line of movie lovers.

{new york movie, edward hopper}

the funeral services for my dear grandmother were yesterday. i learned quite a bit from the people that spoke: {1}that she was a perfect example of praying with faith. {2}that my uncle lynn aspired to being a hobo. {3}that she was the homemaker for her family from the time she was 15 on. {4}being married at 17 and giving birth to 11 kids didn't dampen her spirits and she was grateful for every day. no complaints. 

but probably the most important thing i learned is that i come from a long line of movie lovers. apparently she frequented every movie that came to hollywood, florida in the 30s. 

and there you see it folks, it's in my blood!

{speaking of movies, i'm going to sundance tonight to see/participate in joseph gordon levitts' symposium. rumor has it that miss deschanel is performing. just sayin.}

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