the big 80.

my grandma wood is turning 80 years old this month!

of course a birthday like this merits a big party! i was blessed with the task of making the slide show. i say blessed because it gave me the opportunity to look through scads of old pictures, one of my very most favoritest hobbies. 


grace kelly? no, my grandma.

this is just the cutest little scene. and isn't that dress to die for!

little lisa looks like little courtney here.

two things to point out in this gem: 1}that is marion g romney with my family {cool} and 2}look at my mom's hair!


 we'll end with a picture of my mom opening up the best present: the family quilt. most comfortable thing in your life. sadly this was the early 80s and what was left of the quilt has long since been thrown out. here's to you quilt! nothing will ever replace you on our beds or in our hearts.


wjmom said...

Miss C,

Is that you on the left of that last picture?

You grandmother is beautiful and must feel oh, so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Mark said...

Love this!