i'm bored.

well, it has hit again. that inevitable feeling i get every 6 months or so that i need to change my hair, drastically.  

i've been blonde, platinum, brunette, dark, dark brown, strawberry blonde, reddish brown, and once i even put a purple streak in my hair {bad idea}.

i've tried and tried again to subdue my temptation but then i think why? if i want to go from long red hair to short blonde, i should be able to. 

and that's what i'm going to do. i'm trying to put it off till summer at least spring! but having a hard time resisting. and what with spotting this picture last night i am so missing that short do. so!

here's what i'm thinking:
a little of this.

with a little of that.

tell me i'm not crazy.


Mark and Lisa said...

OH I LOVE IT! Please do it and don't put it off until even tomorrow! JK you can wait till tomorrow but we are getting family pictures taken and you never look the same. Oh well, you always look like the wonderful you that you are!

wjmom said...

I think you are DARLING with short hair. I can hardly wait to see what you do.

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

do it!!!! do it for me. i love short hair