what makes the perfect neighborhood?

i stumbled upon the granary district blog today. the granary district is an up and coming area of salt lake. i'm sure i've mentioned rubysnap before or chic and unique. these are both located in the granary district.

a particular post asked "what's in your perfect granary neighborhood?", and sited an article at outlines a few items that make a neighborhood a GOOD neighborhood:

-a signature event
you know like, the hell's kitchen street fair or the shakespearean festival.

-third places
your first place is home, second work, what is your third place? the place you go to chill or eat or drink or be inspired?

-public spaces
think high line park in chelsea.

-a human scale
this is like, being able to get pastries from a pastry shop and hardware from a hardware specialist. like, being able to walk or bike everywhere and get things done. and is something i'm excited to see grow in salt lake as city creek opens up. my heart was filled with such joy yesterday when i saw masses of people out on the streets to walk to the harmon's grand opening.

-an anchor institution
i can't say it better than this: "what makes some college towns so great is their ability to galvanize civic spirit through the symbiotic relationship those institutions maintain with residents. when the success of the neighborhood and the success of the school or company are one in the same, everyone wins." 

not just diversity, but integrated diversity.

in the end "it's hard to consciously describe what exactly makes neighborhood like dupont circle in washington, dc {holla!} or the castro in san francisco, or the pearl district in portland, oregon so welcoming and nice to be in."

what are some of the facets of your neighborhood that make it so nice to be in? and for salt lakers, what are the qualities about our city that make people want to come and stay?


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I stepped out of my office this morning and the air was clean and fresh and brisk. City Creek across the street is almost open. It felt like a big city. And as seen in my own blog I LOVE having Harmons open. It just feels like a new beginning for downtown!