az report.

the things that made this trip worthy of our love:
- healthy {they're healthy audrey, get over it} snack balls. so good.
- having to stop to pee within the first half hour {thanks diet coke}.
- listening to non church music in the car with a bunch of people that you only listened to church music with. especially we are young. classic road trip song.
- hwy 89. 
- kanab, ut doesn't have actual human being police officers, they just have dummies in sheriff cars.
- stales passing people on two-lane highways.
- getting a picture by the "welcome to utah" sign
- warm{er} weather.
- walking on rocks.
- seeing joy and thinking for a second that her name is joyce.
- calling nardini to open the gate and then thinking "that is really really weird that elder nardini is marrying sister brooks."
- trader joe's.
- the wedding.
- seeing mission pals. and their boyfriends.
- spaghetti calzone.
- realizing that being a dj is a really demanding job.
- pretending i knew this dance.
-listening to all the church music we did on our missions. and especially that really long elder holland talk.
- convincing audrey that celery and peanut butter is good.

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Sarah and Wes said...

I like this post. Also, guess what, I am totally into Diet Coke now! I don't drink it all the time, but I like it and it's my first choice when we eat out. It started because my dad drinks diet everything. So I got used to it and now I like it. Anyway, random.