24 things update and call to action.


i wanted you to know that i haven't forgotten about my list of 24 things to do before i turn 25. it is always on my mind {this term is used quite loosely here}. below is an update of my progress. i tell you this now for a few reasons:

1. i turn 25 in approximately 70 days. 70 days left of my 24ness. but really it isn't that bad because for the past year i have been telling everyone i am 25. i think it has something to do with my rounding-up-obsessive-compulsive-impulse disorder {look it up}, which incidentally has also been affecting my height:  i have been telling everyone for years that i'm 5'5'', when really i'm like 5'2''. somethings wrong. but what i'm getting at is i'm in a hurry to get these babies finished!
2. to feel accomplished, which has been a daily goal of mine since 2009.
3. to enlist your help. if you feel so inclined to participate in any of the following, please phone me and let's get through this together.

1. go to disneyland.
2. hike mount timpanogos.
3. do more yoga.
4. travel outside of the united states.
5. finish reading jesus the christ.
6. read till we have faces.
7. go to paris with faux parisian.
i'm thinking this is most likely not happening within 70 days
8. make a quilt.
9. participate in a triathlon.
10. buy a condo and/or move to nyc.
can i count the rental of my little slc apartment?
11. jump off the high dive.
12. go to texas to see this bundle of joy.
13. ride my bike with no hands.
14. apply to graduate school.
yeah ... i'm not doing this.
15. have 1/2 of a master's degree in education.
or this.
16. obtain a larger, age appropriate wardrobe.
17. learn the art of watercolor.
18. remember the art of ceramics.
19. watch 5 3, never before seen, classic films. 
what should my last 3 be? suggestions?
20. get a {henna} tattoo.
21. take an overnight trip with paige so she can use her delta airline refund.
22. learn how to slalom ski.
23. hike the narrows.
24. have blonde hair again.


mack said...

I'm in for Mount Timp!

wjmom said...

I have the frames, tacks, clamps, and needles to make a quilt. You can do it here or at your own place, but either way, you're welcome to them.

Unless you leave the U.S., I don't think you'll be slalom skiing in 70 days.

I'm in for Timp, too, especially if you're going in a (slow-hehehehe!) group.

Yes, your apartment definitely counts.

I don't know what you've already seen: To Kill A Mockingbird (please tell me you've seen this); It Happened One Night; Casablanca; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; The Grapes of Wrath; High Noon; Some Like It Hot.

courtney wightman said...

audrea! you are so useful! i guess i should have clarified slalom WATER skiing. and thanks for the movie suggestions! i've never seen mr smith goes to washington! i'll add it to the list.

Roxanne said...

number 10- DO IT. i will help. :)

Emily said...

Those are all good movies your mom listed!

Emily said...

Those are all good movies your mom listed!

courtney wightman said...

that's not my mom. but yeah!

Emily said...

Oh. I meant to say Courtney's friend. Yeah that's it.