as you can probably guess, i haven't been doing much interweb work this week, but my mom basically demanded a post, and i thought i owed it to her for being such a good nurse lately.

i've mostly been watching pixar movies; all that's left is cars 2 {i admit i have been putting this one off}. in addition, i've been:

- reading {not even a joke} james farrell's the peacegiver.
- learning why katie and tom broke up, thanks people.
- reading up on marilyn monroe, then watching her in action.
- making/eating banana smoothies.
- coveting this purse.
- playing ZORBA {you have to click on this one}.
- reading about "being busy".
- ginger beer drinking.
- entertaining guests {thank you from the bottom of my heart to the folks that visited me}.
- barfing, coughing, draining fluids, sleeping, pill-taking, being bored.

those last things were graphic so i thought i put it all into one, for your sake.

have a happy weekend, and don't get heat stroke.


Mark and Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for the post! Loved it!

brittney said...

woah. feel better.

wjmom said...

So sorry! Feel better.

Amelia said...

I hope all that non-fun sick stuff ends very soon! And btw I did click and that Zorba game is great!

mack said...

just so you know I loved ZORBA, it makes me happy. I totally lost. :( Love you!

StevenHamilton said...

I'm so glad you are reading.

Sarah and Wes said...

We love Pixar in this house that is for sure!!! Although lately its been replaced by West's new obsession: Aladdin.

Jennifer said...

Jason would say you saved the best for last. He ADORES Cars 2 and has been looking for someone to watch it with him! So if haven't done it yet watch out we just might show up at your doorstep!

How did you like the peacegiver?

Hope you are feeling better!