recovering activities.

1 week from today i'll be stuck in bed for two weeks, recovering from a little surgery. the surgery is beside the point. the point is:  
i have two and a half weeks of vacation!

i've known about this for a while and have been contemplating what to do. 
  • i still have quite a few movies to watch on my mission void movie list; i'll watch those.
  • remember when i wanted to read that one time? yeah ... all i read off of that list was the j crew fall catalog and the september issue of real simple. i'm embarrassed. ok but this time f'real i'm going to read something! it will be one or more of the following: the peacegiver, the miracle of forgiveness, or mere christianity. wish me luck.
  • go to st george; never leave the pool side.
  • maybe i could do a couple things off my 24 things list. quilt? 3 classic movies?
  • brush up on my seinfeld.
  • watch the pixar movies in order.
  • write letters to paige.
  • blog?
  • be showered with presents, like last time.
suggestions on other recovering activities?

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Sarah and Wes said...

West has really been into Walle lately! I thought he'd be bored but loves it! He even says Walle like Walle does.