introducing ...

emily of movies and mayhem

- my dear friend of 13 years
- my dear roommate of 1 year
- wealth of film knowledge
- film blogger
- has a degree in film from byu
- hates driving less than 10 mph
- loves seeing kids watch movies in the backseat of their car; "i always try and see if i can guess what movie it is."
- loves (500) days of summer, the star wars saga, back to the future, the sixth sense, and better off dead in that order.
- has been so kind as to agree to create monthly movie lists for youarewhatyoulove.

movies for summer

when i think of summer, i think of good times, crazy adventures, family fun, and making the most out of beautiful nature. beaches and mountains are the place to be!

my top 10 movies for summer represent these feelings. while not every film on it may be a masterpiece, these movies epitomize what summer is all about. and since summer is sadly coming to a close, better get cracking ... these movies will help round out the glorious season.
1. jaws
2. the sandlot
3. national lampoons vacation (catch this one on tv for best results)
4. goonies
5. splash
6. one crazy summer
7. finding nemo
8. super 8
9. american graffiti
10. parent trap
*bonus - tiny toons summer vacation (because my brother and i would always watch this every summer and i loved it)

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Amelia said...

Sooo many loves on this list (Especially Goonies and Parent Trap, these are childhood essentials to me)! I'll have to check out the ones I haven't seen.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

What a fun idea! Guest posting, eh? Way to be creative and think outside the box, Courtney!

(Sorry I deleted the last comment, I typed the wrong name...I was looking at Amelia's comment while I was typing and typed her name instead of yours, Courtney!)

Joey said...

So how many of your friends have seen American Graffiti? That is one great summer movie.

What about Summer Magic? Oh, and which parent trap?

Emily said...

I know Courtney has seen it. And Summer Magic JUST missed the list. I felt weird about doing two Haley Mills movies. And to answer your question...the original of course!