i've never liked talking on the phone.


today it wasn't so bad (even though i'm pretty sure i was getting charged $17/minute), because i was talking to my beautiful sister, my best friend. she is currently en route to rome italy to begin her 18 month (now 16 month, but who's counting?) mission for our church.

i'm so proud of her. she has changed so much already and has such a love for all things italy. she spoke to me a little in italian, recited the first vision. weird to hear her speaking in another language with such fluency and confidence after just 2 months! she sounded happy and ready for what lay ahead for her. both of us teared up a little at the end of the call, knowing that it would be the last time we would hear each other's voices for 4 months. then came the last "i love you"s and that was it.

but boy was it good. so good.

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Sarah said...

I took Italian for a semester at BYU. It is such a beautiful language. I envy your sister the opportunity that she has to become fluent in such a beautiful language, to spend time in such a gorgeous country, and to serve such wonderful people.