guest post // activities for fall, from amelia.

to kick off fall, i decided it would be fun to do a little guest series again. everyday this week will feature one of my dear friends, telling us how they spend their autumn. i'm excited!
today's post comes from my soon-to-be roommate amelia. she is one of the kindest, most genuine southern gals i've ever met. you should probably get to know her. check out her blog or follow her on twitter. she's pretty hip and updated on current happenings in salt lake, a good beehive ambassador.

1. making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. i fell madly, deeply in love with the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie after going to college. since then each fall i whip myself up a big batch to ring in the season. if you're thinking of doing the same i really like this recipe. just make sure you add a little nutmeg to it.
2. playing in the leaves. why mess with a classic? this can cover a wide range of activities from literally jumping in piles of leaves, to something a little more planned. for example, i would say taking a walk or drive to go see leaves also counts (in a more grown up-ish way). i may do a drive up millcreek canyon this year. in utah the leaves really do change colors which is still sort of picturesque and wonderful to me.
3. knitting. knitting is fairly easy, helps fill my insatiable desire for scarves, and makes me feel just a little bit accomplished. plus it makes my grandma happy (it really does). if you ask i will gladly teach you how or even make you a only-somewhat lopsided hat.
4. going to a show. fall makes me miss international cinema, cougarettes, MOA trips, recitals, student film showcases, and other BYU-ish things. my SLC fall show/event wishlist so far is: ballet west's the lottery or ririe-woodbury's four, open screen nightUMOCA First Fridays/Your Land/My Land: Election ’12 exhibit, and the king's english banned books week.*
5. pretend camping. real camping lacks indoor plumbing and requires actual survival skills. i'm not all the way opposed to this if accompanied by an expert, but on my own i prefer pretend camping. here's what you need for pretend camping: gorgeous fall day, cute fall clothes to keep you warm, new boots (these can have heels if you want, cause, hello, not actually stepping foot in wilderness), some sort of camp fire food or hot beverage, a book, some comfy blankets or sleeping bag, and a great view that does not include any sort of building or man made structure. now be at one with nature until you get cold or something then go home and sleep in a real bed. 
*also, this isn't really an event per say, but i'm kind of hoping to force someone to go with me to a corn maze. i've been wanting to go to one of those things ever since i tragically missed the david archeluta corn maze of '08.

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