hey, happy last day of summer! i'm off to st george to celebrate. and when i get back, get ready to kick off fall in style. be excited.

i thought i'd send you on your way with the odds/ends of my week:
this shirt was made for me.
- i spent my morning laughing my head off at this tumblr dedicated to the new iOS6 maps.
- time came out with their 50 best websites of 2012 (always useful, i found mint last year!); my faves:
1. pottermore - for harry potter fans
2. codecademy - for code learners
3. vocabulary - for people like me that need a better vocabulary cause they never read
4. and let me google that for you - for the google teacher (which is like my second calling in life, or at least here at church headquarters:
old co-worker: "i can't find this in the phone book."
me: "well did you google it?"
old co-worker: "oh! i didn't even think of that!")
- gettin a kick out of the myriad of political skits as of late; especially mitt romney's vlog and this mitt romney ad.
- lastly, here's a preview of the halloween playlist coming to a post near you, october 2012.

love you.

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