shades of red.

i sort of have a thing for bright lipstick. you'd be amazed the comments you get when you wear it. adds some excitement to my day. 

i was regaling such a comment to my dad just the other day:
donning my first bright/flashy lip color, i paid to visit my grandpa. he was frail and old at this time and didn't talk much. but as i left he leaned in for a kiss (my family is a kissing family; is your's? i find this very intriguing), then looked at my lips:
"my what a color! what's it called?"
he laughed as i kissed him on the cheek. something about him a) noticing it, b) asking what the color was called, c) and then finding as much joy in it as i did! i just loved that time. 

maybe that was superfluous for you.

here are my current shades:
MAC myth - goes with everything. perfect for summer.

MAC russian red - can i claim this goes with everything too? perfect to spice up any outfit.

MAC impassioned - funnest color. a little less bold than the bright red.

my newly acquired NARS roman holiday (to honor paige of course) - super soft and super trendy color right now. perfect i'm-starting-to-wear-bright-colored-lipstick-and-i'm-nervous color.

and NARS schiap, which is just on my wishlist right now, but isn't it great?!

i maintain the idea that anyone can pull off bright colored lipstick (even you ann). to quote my wise, wise mother:

"just own it!"


Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

my family is not a kissing family. I hope the Wightman family still hugs me even though I don't kiss them.

courtney wightman said...

haha. we never kissed our cousins (actually once i accidentally kissed tiffany and it was so weird and awkward), but ALWAYS aunts and grandma and grandpa and mom and dad (paige doesn't like ANY kissing though). i seriously think it is so interesting to see who kisses their relatives and who thinks it is repulsive.
thanks for your input annie. and of course we will hug you!