my morning walk.

for my morning break i decided that i would take a little walk over to harmons to get the perfect salad dressing for my strawberry spinach lunch salad. 

it wasn't very crowded out, certainly no where near the lunch time crowd. 

i waiting for the light to change next to a dancing man. 

on my way back i got a 44 ouncer (but don't worry it was mostly ice) from the little pharmacy on the corner of state and south temple. 

i passed a new greek food cart called "moms". the gentleman at the cart greeted me and i told him his food smelled good. he thanked me and we chatted briefly about how it was a chilly morning. 

it was pretty crisp, that good fall crisp. i heard it snowed somewhere today ... 

when i crossed the street i saw a group of tourists rushing to catch the salt lake city open air tour bus.

and finally, as i walked back into my building the sun glistened on the temple fountain. 

and i was just happy and in love with my city and my life.


Mark and Lisa said...

Fall in SLC is so nice!

wjmom said...

That sounds glorious!