top 10 back to school movies.


hello again! new month, new list!. this time i thought it'd be fun to honor september and tackle the subject of back to school movies. this was actually a really hard list to put in order, but hopefully my picks accurately reflect the theme. take to the comments below and let me know what you think or if i missed any!

1. ferris bueller's day off
okay, this movie doesn't scream "back to school" to me, partly because it's set towards the end of the school year. but i picked it for the top spot because, not only do i think it's the best movie on the list, i feel like it is the epitome of how i felt during school. no raging parties or crazy proms, just sheer and utter boredom, sitting in a classroom and dying a little bit inside, while other kids were making outrageous memories. i love love love this movie. read more of my thoughts here.

2. the breakfast club
i'm kind of cheating by putting this one on the list because i've seen most of it on tv at some point, but don't really remember it crystal clearly. i just know that when you think high school movie, you think breakfast club. it's got the cliques down, but turns them on their head when they actually look at each other as human beings rather than stereotypes.

3. school of rock
this movie is hilarious and features jack black at his finest. it's good clean fun and probably the best school next to hogwarts.

4. mean girls
this is a high school movie i relate with all too well. tina fey's script nails the high school catty drama and is incredibly hilarious at the same time. plus the movie is a good time capsule of seeing lindsay lohan before she went cuckoo.

5. dead poet's society
there are two kinds of school movies: comedies, and inspirational dramas. i usually hate the inspirational school dramas because their formula is so predictable that the movies write themselves. dead poet's society perhaps started it, but is so well made that it's forgiven; largely due to robin williams' performance. i'd say he is probably one of the best fictional teachers around.

6. flipped
this movie is a little gem that goes for the school age least covered in film: junior high! it's sweet and earnest. it covers all those angsty little feelings that tweens go through from both the male and the female perspective. you can read more thoughts here.

7. to sir with love
you gotta love sydney poitier. this falls in the inspirational school drama category, but again, is one of the better ones due to poitier's performance. the movie has a great message about respect and tolerance. definitely worth a watch.

8. clueless
the then modern adaptation of jane austen's emma has now become a time capsule for the outrageousness of the 90s ... more specifically, high school in the 90s. luckily it was never really that bad, but the movie is certainly entertaining and one of the more fun high school flicks around.

9. billy madison
i admit this is definitely not something for the more refined tastes out there. the movie is pretty crude and full of dumb humor. but i can't think of "back to school" without thinking of billy madison.

10. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
the most magical school of all and in this film we see it for the first time, just as harry does. i'm sure if this was our school we'd be just as excited to go back every year.

*bonus - the original freaky friday
yeah, back in the day we all wished our parents would have known how bad we really had it. here we see that happen with hilarious results.

**bonus bonus - watch COMMUNITY!
not a movie, but this hilarious tv show spoofs any movie cliche possible all while celebrating life at a community college.

that's it for back to school movies. next month look for my top ten halloween movies. it's sure to be a spooky good time! til then!

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Sarah said...

Great list! I love school-themed movies...maybe because I loved school...except elementary school. You can have that because I don't want it!

Amelia said...

Nice collection :) Many of these rank high on my list already, but I noticed a few I need to track down (like Flipped). Also, I know this isn't a "back to school" movie per say, but I love the scene in Footloose where Ren starts at his new school.