happy halloween.

i prepare each year for halloween by watching horror movies all month. this year was rear window, psycho, the birds, dial m for murder, the ring, amityville horror, poltergeist, rosemary's baby, the alien trilogy and prometheus, the orphanage, hocus pocus, drag me to hell, beetlejuice, and fright night. phwef! no wonder i've been checking the back seat of my car more than usual. i think my favorite this year was fright night. pretty entertaining halloween flick with dave franco (if only for a minute or two),  hello! and also dylan from modern family. check it!

but i think my most favoritest thing i have done in the spirit of halloween is attend a friend's "it's only a movie" short horror film festival (named after this movie trailer, GREAT!). they first started it at byu (i even starred in a couple of films the first year) and has continued since. this year an adorable little theater in spanish fork hosted and i attended with shannen who starred in three films (the introductory film, never kick a ghost, and siri-ously don't listen to her)!

shannen is the girl from tron. i am a french man (note the mustache).

but mostly i wanted to show you this:
no harm or accident from james mcallister on vimeo (one of my picks from last night's festival).

happy halloween.

*ps - you should also watch this one too. it took first place. hilARious!


brittney said...

I'm supposed to be studying for the ethics portion of the bar exam (this weekend) but I just spent a half hour watching these movies. Awesome. Thanks for passing this on - I had no idea.

Shannen Crane Camp said...

I'm so glad you came. It wouldn't have been the same without you Paddington!

Amelia said...

Ha! I like the shoulderblade one. And seriously, fright night = best cast eva!

wjmom said...

No harm or accident. Hilarious!