the one where i slept in the denver airport.

are you dying to hear about my long awaited trip to dallas?

here you have it from my point of view:

3:00pm - leave work really  anxious; 1) because you've never ridden on a plane all by yourself before, 2) because you just worked all day on preparing the itinerary for your boss's trip on monday and at the last minute instead of emailing it to everyone you deleted it.

4:00pm - get dropped off at airport, still anxious.

5:00pm - finally calm down once you've got some dramamine in you.

6:50pm - layover in denver and eat quizno's. mmm, haven't had that in a while (but notice later there is a schlotzsky's and think you should have eaten there).

7:00pm - while boarding plane nonchalantly text dad "it's snowing like crazy in denver!" to which he replies "hope your flight won't be delayed" think ... silly dad, i'll be in 80 degree texas in no time!

9:00pm - still sitting on the runway to take off!!!

10:30pm - finally hear the pilot doom the flight by announcing that "we are going back to the gate."

snow snow go away.

11:00pm - once you get back to the gate you're doomed again when they announce that the flight will be re-scheduled for 6:30 the next morning.

also, think no wonder i was nervous for this flight.

11:30pm - on the verge of a breakdown when you come to the realization that you 1) don't have a charger for your phone and it's at 10%, 2) were stupid enough to fly in your new dress and won't be getting to your luggage and will therefore be sleeping in said new dress 3) will be sleeping sitting sad and lonely at the airport all night because all the hotels are booked 4) the line at mcdonald's is WAY to long to stand in for your much needed diet coke.

midnight - find a very nice frontier employee who says you can use her charger, then fall asleep  waiting for your phone to charge.

the pole i was leaning on was quite comfortable.

2:00am - your phone is finished charging and you think now is a good time to check up on the mcdonald's line. still long but what else are you going to do? you stand there for a few minutes until the manager yells out "that guy in the blue shirt is the last person we're serving!! WE ARE CLOSED!!" ... that person is two persons in front of you. decide instead to get hostess doughnuts from the vending machine, finally find a cozy corner and "sleep".

5:00am - wake up thinking mcdonald's has GOT to be open again and i NEED that diet coke. get to the line and wait in it until, at 5:30am they call for your flight. still no satiating diet coke.

6:15am - almost feel ok about wearing your dress when some guy on the flight that you don't recall ever seeing says "oh! you're wearing the same cute dress you were wearing yesterday!" **smile awkwardly.

9:00am - finally reach dallas and are greeted with that humidity that you truly missed (seriously, utah is too dry).

9:30am - the party beginssssss!!!

the rest will be told through picture.
joslyn and schlotzsky's! haven't had one of those sandwiches since i was a kid! yummy.

avery and joslyn in their dancing clothes.

the whole crew (minus josh) and avery showing off the present i brought.

"tiny baby" sophie. and look how cute that swiss days headband is on her!


she gets to me!

going swimming! ... with jackets on. i insisted, even though the temperature dropped to the 60s as soon as i got there. i think i carry bad weather in my wake.

fun! and super cold. this is as far as we got in.

avery holding her new baby sister. 

she slept like this the entire trick or treating affair.

if you give an elephant a cookie.

 the elephant and i looking down on dallas from the chase tower.

snow white wanted me to take her picture by the water fountain.

avery thought this picture was hilarious of her chewing her pei wei. it IS pretty great.


kisses for the baby.

1960's joslyn.

happiest smile i ever got out of avery.

a picture of avery's pumpkin, by request.

avery and her pumpkin.

sophie's costume.

had to put that series on. this girl! 

best pose for sleeping.

and one last one of snow white.

other highlights:
- eating schlotzsky's twice.
- watching aladdin and bambi.
- having avery keep me in line.
- sleeping in for 3 days in a row!
- trunk or treating.
- running around chasing kids.
- playing "hide the penny"
- teasing avery.
- getting joslyn hugs.
- holding sophie.
- playing games with lynsey.
- finding out that that ball thing in dallas is a restaurant.
- having avery (who is only 4) be REALLY worried if i knew where i was going when i had to drive.
- but i think my favorite part was how each morning when i woke up i was greeted with screams and shouts for joy, then hugs and kisses. and then prayers that said "thank you that courtney can be here." i felt so loved.

love you all. miss you already!

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