top 10 movies for halloween.


hello everyone! happy october! this is perhaps my favorite month of the year because it contains one of my absolute, most beloved holidays: halloween. so to get into the spooky spirit of halloween, i see nothing more fit than to discuss my favorite halloween movies of all time. 

1. psycho

psycho is alfred hitchcock's most famous, and arguably greatest film. this one is a masterpiece. i can't remember the first time i saw it, i just know that it has always been incredibly effective. it IS the horror film. it changed so much about film today and STILL manages to shock new audiences that watch it today (even if the notorious shower scene has been spoiled, it's power has never lessened). 

this was another game-changing horror film for cinema. it proved once more the effectiveness of substance and story over gore. and of course its ending left people talking for months! i first saw it in theaters back in 1999 and i remember being struck with awe, and even after all this time it still holds up.

this is actually a more recent choice for me. i only just watched it last year for the first time (for shame i know), but as a film, i fell in love with it. the movie is incredibly fascinating, thrilling, and filled with fantastic performances. definitely deserving of its classic label, and a remarkable example of a horror film. as a bonus, i loved it even more due to the simpson's fantastic parody of it in their golden years.

i saw this film on a crisp halloween afternoon in 2002 with the very author of this blog. this has to be one of my favorite film-going memories of all time because both of us were absolutely terrified (though courtney was definitely more-so). i forced her to stay through the end, and i'm so glad that i did ... because i got the scare of my life and couldn't sleep a wink that night. though others will disagree, i think the film still holds up ... if for no other reason than its somber tone and effective performances.

another film i remember watching vividly in theaters. i remember seeing the movie get incredible reviews so i was expecting something as scary and terrifying as the ring, but that's not exactly what i got ... i dragged my dad and my older brother clayton to the film. after the opening credits it was already clear this movie was unlike anything i'd ever seen, and NOT in the way i was thinking it'd be. it is gripping, yet outrageous and hilarious. almost like a cartoon. it's so unique and fantastic and made me laugh my head off while simultaneously grabbing the seat of the theater as hard as i could. nothing like it.

to shake up the list let's add in a little bit of genius comedy. though i admit i've never seen blazing saddles, i can say that this is probably the best mel brooks film that i have had the pleasure of seeing. the comedy is crisp, the spoofs are superb, and the cast is having a ball.

i remember as a kid growing up in the 90s how excited i was for this movie. in fact, i even remember having a dream about my family going to see it without me and i was DEVASTATED. this film celebrates the spirit of halloween perhaps better than any other film on the list. is is a masterpiece? no, but it's a kitschy, entertaining, fun little family film. and BONUS! a lot of the jokes are a lot funnier when you become an adult.

well you can't have a halloween movie list without halloween! the best and original slasher movie (unless you wanna argue psycho). the film is incredibly tense, and you can cut that tension with a knife ... or a wire hanger. jamie lee curtis (daughter of psycho's heroine janet leigh) makes a fantastic, strong heroine and mike myers (the character, not the actor) is pretty terrifying.

another recent addition to my favorite horror film list. i saw this one in my french cinema class during my study abroad to paris and i immediately loved it. it's basically like the french equivalent to psycho. the film is full of suspense, but the finale is to die for (no pun intended).

it was a real struggle to pick this number ten spot because there were so many good contenders to diversify this list (see honorable mentions below, where all my zombie favorites come it). but i felt like you can't do halloween films without tim burton. so i give this spot to beetlejuice. it's outrageous, completely entertaining, and michael keaton is fantastic as ... BEETLEJUICE! there i said it 3 times. he'll be coming back soon in sequel form unfortunately, but the film remains a weird cult classic that has a special place in my heart.

honorable mentions: the others,  zombieland, night of the living dead, shaun of the deadand the haunting (original! not the terrible 90s remake)

*you may have noticed that emily's list is a lot like the list i posted last year; please note that this is just because these movies are the best! halloween movies. you can't miss em.
**also note that emily and i are big fans of clearplay while watching horror films.

now go be frightened.

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Sarah said...

Great list! Now while these films aren't masterpieces, they still gave me a super good scare the first time I saw them: Disturbia and 1408.