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it feels as though it's been ages since we've heard from our movie expert emily. glad to have her back for this month's movie list. i'm always looking for festive films to watch between cooking and turkey and pie, and then cozied up by the fire. now thanks to emily i've got a list of ten! thanks gurl!

thanksgiving movies

hello all! we're halfway through the month and on track to one of my favorite holidays of the year: thanksgiving! unfortunately, it's not one of hollywood's favorite holidays, which will be evident when you see how creative i had to be to get to ten films that could pass! one thing i learned is that thanksgiving is apparently not a kid-friendly holiday. which makes sense ... it's one you learn to appreciate more and more the older you get. but as such, most of the films i watched tended to have adult moments, so if you're trying to watch with the whole family i made a nice HEADS UP list for each film so you won't be caught off guard. let's get going!

1. planes, trains & automobiles
this is the ultimate thanksgiving movie because it shows that there is no place like home on thanksgiving. and you can definitely feel that in the very last scene. it's a funny buddy/road film throughout, but the last few minutes really make it worth it. HEADS UP: skip the scene at the rent a car place where f-bombs fly every other word.

2. a charlie brown thanksgiving
leave it to charlie brown (well, actually marcy in this case) to tell us the true meaning of a holiday. in this short film charlie brown totally botches up a thanksgiving meal he promised to make for peppermint patty, but in a heartwarming moment we pause to reflect that the point of this holiday is not just to stuff one's face with food, a part i admittedly love too, but to be with the ones we love and to show gratitude for the things we have. HEADS UP: it's charlie brown , it's clean. unless you wanna read more into peppermint patty and marcy's weird relationship.

3. pieces of april 
this is both a great film and a great thanksgiving film. who knew katie holmes could be a decent actress!? the family drama is so broken and real. there were a few moments that really made my heart ache! the film has a simple premise: estranged daughter april attempts to cook thanksgiving dinner for her family in her apartment in new york city. it's this simplicity that makes the film work as we feel april's desperation in trying to reach out to her family, and even if they don't see eye to eye, family is what thanksgiving is all about. HEADS UP: skip the scene where the mother and son are looking thorugh the photo album, oh and there's a quick sex scene.

4. hannah & her sisters 
thanksgiving acts as the bookends in this movie that follows the lives of three sisters. i don't want to give too much away, but the holiday definitely acts like a character in the film and subtly helps the characters put things into perspective. HEADS UP: there is an adulterous relationship, but nothing is ever shown, and an inappropriate sexual reference here and there.

5. avalon 
like hannah & her sisters, this was a film that was more an examination of life rather than the examination of just one holiday. but like hannah, a special emphasis on thanksgiving was placed as we got to see four different thanksgivings in the life of this family. this is because thanksgiving is the holiday that celebrates FAMILY more than any other holiday. the progression of the thanksgivings says so much on the state of the characters and their relationships with one another. until finally they're eating their thanksgiving dinner with their televisions as opposed to their extended families. HEADS UP: ... nothing to report.

6. home for the holidays
this movie is a little uneven, but it definitely gets the FEEL of thanksgiving and is devoted to it. plus it features a hunky dylan mcdermott (NEVER got the appeal until just recently, and now i can't get enough!) so that's definitely not a bad thing AT. ALL ... and the ending is great. HEADS UP: RDJ's character is gay and his sister has a problem with that and once provoked, calls him some pretty filthy names.

7. waitress
i cheated by including the next two. no it's not a thanksgiving film ... but it's a film about PIES, and that to me is what thanksgiving is all about. that and being grateful or something, which i think the movie definitely touches upon by the end. great film. HEADS UP: marital rape & adultery included.

8. pocahontas
there are not many films about PILGRIMS and indians getting along, but at least we have this very fictitious film to give us the warm fuzzies about some of the earliest settlers and their relationship with the natives. i didn't have the patience to sit through a new world, so we'll stick with this film about cherishing the land and loving our neighbors .... and trying not to destroy our neighbors. it's basically avatar. HEADS UP: NOTHING! it's a disney film! yippee!

9. dutch
this is pretty much the poor man's planes, trains & automobiles; an unlikely pair that can't stand each other, are forced on the road trip of their lives to get home for thanksgiving dinner to a pretty lady waiting at home. just change it so that one of them is a snot nosed, pre-teen brat (played by none other than ethan embry, the bass player in that thing you do!), and the other is ed o'neill (low brow humor included). it's not always a pleasant journey, but they do have the quiet moments that show what thanksgiving is all about, and the final reunion was surprisingly heartwarming. HEADS UP: just skip any scene where racy playing cards are involved.

10. son in law
yep, the list of thanksgiving movies is so sparse i have to include a pauly shore movie. PAULY SHORE! this movie is so ridiculous, but i can't say i didn't kinda enjoy it; a guilty pleasure at it's guiltiest. featuring all of your favorite forgotten 90's stars: tiffany amber thiessen and the guy who played perry white in lois & clark. HEADS UP: pauly doesn't have the cleanest vocab-u-larrrrrry (that as my impression of him) and there's a bit of lesbian PDA at the beginning of the film.

well that oughtta do it! i hope you enjoyed the list, and if i missed any i'd REALLY be interested to know, because getting ten was sure hard! happy thanksgiving! see you next month!

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Johanna said...

Shoot! I was thinking of this one that I watched. I think it had Shirley McClaine and Julia Styles and she wanted to do Thanksgiving at her house. Or maybe it was Thanksgiving.

Then there is one scene in Father of the Bride where they have Thanksgiving and the new in-laws to be are there? What? Can you imagine if every time one of your siblings got married, we started celebrating holidays with their whole family? Where would it end? Would we all be living in a world with rainbows and sunshine and eating turkey on long never ending tables?