all i want for christmas.

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pretty print
fancy soap can be found a many place. if you know me you know i love l'occitane, but crabtree and evelyn make the most lovely scents! try summerhill for this gloomy winter, $23 for a three soap set. benefit magic ink jet-black liquid eyeliner and buxom mascara (it's really the best, better than benefit they're real!) are both available at sephora for $20 and $19. the lawn dish drying rack is available at boon for $29.99. this pretty print, titled primrose, by emily winfield martin, is available at theblackapple etsy shop for $16 or if you are rich you could buy the original for $400. the colorful exercise shirt is available at gap, on sale for $20; hey and why not throw in some pants to make it a set! washi tape is available ... lots of places, but at amelia presents for just $5. the lovely holiday sweater is available at jcrew (i'm dying over how cute their current sweater collection is, DYING!) for $98. polka dot tights are available lots of places too, but i'm partial to anthropologie's collection, those pictured above for $18. mia head(s) are available at sephora too! that store is good for everything!! for $25. the washington dc necklace is available at aminimal studio for $50. and finally, jcrew has the most festive pjs around (according to me of course), so many options but this is my favorite for $68.

a merry christmas to you my friends!


mack said...

I want that necklace, only Paris. Bisous. :)

courtney wightman said...

@mack you're in luck mon ami! http://shop.aminimalstudio.com/product/urban-gridded-earrings-and-necklace-paris ... if only someone would buy it for you now :)

wjmom said...

Courtney--the picture of you at the beginning of this post is BEAUTIFUL. Just thought I'd tell ya...

mack said...

@courtney. If only someone would. :) How is life?