i'm a rawist.

well, i was for one day this week. you long-time readers know that i've been wanting to say this for a while. although, i originally pictured myself being raw for a longer period of time ... here's how it happened:

one day i found the most lovely picture of a juice bottle on the internets:

it's astounding what good design can make me do. i was slightly intrigued so i read up on what bri had to say. after all that i was moderately intrigued and went to the blueprint cleanse site. they fed me words like toxins and before the holidays and tastes good and feel good. by this point i was sold. on my way to the virtual checkout i suddenly noticed the price. what theeeeee?! it was like $100+/day for three days even with the design love fest discount. for a minute i thought i could justify it, but then i couldn't. depending on how you look at it, fortunately or unfortunately, i didn't stop there. SURELY there are copy cat recipes online, surely. and there were. here's how it works: you have 6 juices a day for 3 days, you have to ease in and out by eating just fruits and vegetables, you drink equal parts water and the juices in order, you can have herbal tea but that's it! no diet coke!! the juices are as follows:

1. green juice
romaine, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, granny smith apple, spinach, lemon juice.

2. pineapple mint juice
pineapple, granny smith apple, mint, lime juice.

3. spicy lemon juice
lemon, water, cayenne pepper, agave.

4. cab juice
carrot, fuji apple, beet, celery, ginger, lemon juice.

5. parsnip pear juice
parsnip, pear, celery, parsley, carrot, lemon juice.

6. cashew nut milk
raw cashews, water, cinnamon, vanilla, agave.

2012-12-03 19.48.18

i read the recipes, made the commitment to myself, bought the produce at the new trader joe's!, called my grandma to use her juicer and i was in business. i did all the juicing monday night and came home with 18 quart bottles of juice! tuesday morning i started out drinking the green juice while i was getting ready. it was ... not that good. i had to kind of choke it down. i actually used this technique where i tried to forget how bad it tasted so i would drink more. i drank most of that one, not all. i brought juices 2-4 with me to work and was pleasantly surprised how good the second drink was. how could it not be with just pineapple and apple though? it was actually a little too sweet for my liking and made me a little ill that early in the morning. by lunch i was feeling hungry and was anxious to drink the spicy lemon juice. it might've been better with less cayenne. maybe i'm a wuss but it was hella spicy and was burninnngggg. i probably drank 1/4 of that one. so then i was starving for the afternoon. by 2pm i started the beet juice. it wasn't THAT bad but it wasn't anything i would drink voluntarily (i was FORCED! haha). it just wouldn't be my choice to accompany breakfast, or something. i used my previously stated technique and drank about half of it. after work i had some errands to run so i didn't drink another juice for several hours. here's where the discouragement set in. i was reeaaallyy hungry, exhausted, had a headache (a "symptom of the detox" as blueprint claims), i wasn't looking forward to the next juice and had basically decided at that point that i couldn't do it two more days. when i finally got home it was about 7pm and i opened the parsnip pear juice. upon opening the jar i thought GROSS! all the orange foam had hardened and was like this brownish-orange devil on my shoulder telling me to give up then. to my delight the juice was tastier than it looked. i think it was all the pear. so i drank that up and felt pretty satiated. hooray! but here's where i had thrown in the towel and was happy that i just had one more juice to drink. the last juice (juice?) is the best. in fact, i may make this again and use it as milk (i don't normally drink milk). it was yummy and i felt just right at that point, nice and full. maybe it is something with the protein following the acidic veges, but i went to the bathroom and lets just say i felt uber-cleansed afterwards. really i felt great! i don't know if i was misdirecting my happiness because i wasn't stressing about doing it the next two days, or if it really makes you feel so so great, but the next morning i felt the same way. so much so that i almost considered doing it again and lasting the whole 3 days, but i didn't. i ate some raisins (and a diet coke) this morning and i was done. 

all in all i think i would definitely do it again. now that i know that i can last one day i might try the whole three after the holidays. hey and BONUS! i lost 3 pounds in the process (i'm still deciding if this was really a good thing). but it wasn't that bad (NOW i say this, don't ask me mid-spicy lemon juice) and i felt nice and cleansed and healthy, like a conqueror of my body. take that diet coke! i don't need you!!!

would you/have you ever done a cleanse before? i might try this one soon.

happy holiday eating!

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brittney said...

So. I realized over Thanksgiving that... I get weirdly upset whenever people I know have (let's call them) "unconventional diets." One of my friends has been going raw for like six months and... when I found out I LITERALLY thought to myself, "Um... I guess she doesn't want to be friends anymore..."

as if that matters, but I take it really personally when my friends are like, "I'm going dairy free" or "I just think I'll feel better being gluten free." I can't explain it - but I feel like they're just trying to distance themselves from me.

I'm crazy - and I'm glad you had a raw experience, they can be nice little phases for me.