hello world.

first day back from my technology hiatus and i think it's pretty safe to say i didn't miss it. i watched tv and went to the movies, but only used my phone for talking (and maybe a text here and there for EMERGENCIES) and didn't go on facebook or youtube or blogger or instagram or gmail or twitter or pinterest ONCE!

most exciting is marking it off my 25 things list, my motivation for living.

even though my break plans didn't go as planned (i didn't even pick up my book, where can i find home alone 2? my body decided to go on a cleanse all by itself and excrete all fluids from my body, making it difficult to enjoy christmas feasting and coaco latteeing), les mis was great, santa gave me everything i asked for, my long lost sister made an appearance on skype, and  i got a good sleep here and there, it was good.

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Amelia said...

Yay for one more thing on the list! I do love a good technology fast. I kind of do a revised one here at home. I basically barely keep my phone with me and it's bliss.