25 things to do before i'm 26.

for some reason i excel at to-do lists. and what better way to use this talent than by creating a year-long to-do list?

i have dubbed the making of this list a birthday tradition. thanks to those who know me best, who helped me come up with this list. i'll make you proud.

25 things to do before i'm 26

1. hike mount timpanogos.
2. travel outside of the united states.
3. make a quilt.
6. hike the narrows.
8. visit havasupai.
9. grow my own garden.
10. throw a tea party.
11. perfect the ultimate sunday dinner. boeuf bourguignon? souffle a la orange? chocolate roulade?
12. get a passport.
13. invest in my future kitchen.
14. spend a day at the spa.
15. read 4 classic novels.
16. learn about sailing, then sail.
17. make my own jam.
18. take a week long technology hiatus.
19. write out my testimony, then sign it.
20. learn to love something i hate.
21. geocache.
22. become an expert on a historical figure.
23. master the scorpion pose.
24. rescue something.
25. write 25 years of my personal history.

here's to another year of growth and achievement, and feeling accomplished.

**primrose by emily winfield martin; this could be me at 12 years old, spittin image. 


**update! 1) coming to a blog post near you, next year! 2) ... this is probably a year or two out 3) SOMEday 4) done 5) done 6) this too will happen next year, if it's the last thing i do 7) not gonna happen 8) apparently this takes planning and hiking friends, both of which i lack 9) done 10) i have no excuse for this 11) done 12) next year 13) done; but i don't know that $9 china is an "investment" 14) not done. who's up for a day at the spa? 15) i just, i just ... i hate reading. there, i said it 16) saved for when i live in annapolis, md 17) might happen come harvest time 18) done with GREAT PLEASURE! 19) done 20) done 21) saved for when i'm a pirate 22) i thought about doing this, i thought about it a lot, but that's all i did 23) saved for when i'm buff 24) done 25) i wrote about one year, then gave up.


brittney said...

Your list is fantastic. like. really really. I love 24 in particular. and 20. You know what, I just love the whole thing.

Getting your passport cracked me up because I've been meaning to do that for MONTHS and finally Chris just printed out all the paperwork, filled it all out, took me to get my picture, and then drove me to the post office. The only thing I did was sign the bottom. Basically I never would have accomplished that without him.

Sarah and Wes said...

I love these lists you make!! Hope all is going well for you!!!