that time i went to st george (for the 1,659,954th time).

it never gets old, that st george; even when it is rainy and maybe the coldest you've ever been while visiting, and the heater in your condo is broken, and there aren't any movies to see, and your normal travel companion is in italy.

it's STILL great.

- the five hour drive from salt lake, talking to dad the whole time; never gets old.

- these red rocks and hiking in canvas tennies; never gets old.
$1.50 at thrift town. beat that!

- getting a lime glacier from larsen's; never gets old.
although i can never seem to eat the whole thing ...

- exploring the white rock amphitheater; never gets old.
actually this is the first time we've done this.

and here's a picture of my white hair to finish things off.
sticking to my word.

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mack said...

I'm jealous everytime you go to St. Georges. :) Your hair is great!