10 movies for april showers.


hello readers! this month sure flew by for me and courtney! this list comes a little bit late, but is dedicated to the horrible weather (minus the last few days) we've been suffering through all month. hopefully that's all behind us now with summer on the horizon. but to celebrate what's left of april, it's time to present ten of the best movie scenes featuring RAIN.

1. singin' in the rain
no other film scene could rightly top this list other than the fabulous gene kelly dance number found in singin' in the rain. it is one of the truly great iconic moments in all of film and let's be honest, it has made us all want to dance around jumping in puddles too on the right day!

2. breakfast at tiffany's
when you think of rain in film, it's impossible not to associate big screen smooches. this one is my personal favorite of the "kiss in the rain" entries because it's just a really, truly tender moment between these two broken characters. oh and did i mention there happens to be a cat in the scene too?

3. the shawshank redemption
andy dufresne, a freshly escaped convict emerges through tunnels of filth to be showered with freedom from the skies. he, along with the audience was probably REALLY thankful it was raining that night.

5. jurassic park
remember the time the power went out during the rain in a park full of dinosaurs and then all the dinosaurs went loose and tried killing everybody? the rain adds beautifully to the tension of these scenes. nothing can really be seen clearly and no one has control of anything. all of this only make the chaos more delightful.

6. psycho
here's another example of rain forcing someone into a dangerous situation. marion crane is battling her inner conscience when some unbearable rain forces her to make an unexpected detour. if it weren't for this rainy scene, we wouldn't really have much of a movie! okay we would have ... but it would be far more bonnie and clyde and much less psycho.

7. pride & prejudice
another romantic scene, but this one is kiss-less. in the 2005 version, darcy gives a botched proposal to elizabeth amid a rainy backdrop. somehow despite insulting her, he manages to throw in some undeniable sexual tension her way that definitely gets her thinking. i'll admit, this update of a rainy english country side was much preferred in my cinema loving brain than the original fireplace setting of the book.

8. drag me to hell
some unforeseen rain adds some really great tension during the cinematic climax of drag me to hell. who knew rain could be so deathly? 

9. unbreakable
remember what i just said about rain being deathly in drag me to hell? ditto that in unbreakable ... but somehow it's even worse here! i guess it helps that the main character doesn't exactly get along with water ...

10. TIE! garden state and the truman show
i found it incredibly hard to pick between the two, so i included both. one is another very sweet romantic and spontaneous moment in the rain between two people that really need each other, and the other is a great moment of realization for a character that will drive the rest of his actions through the course of a film. 

HONORABLE MENTION: okay it's not out yet, but baz lurhmann's the great gatsby looks like it just may have a scene that would be suitable for this list! a soaking wet dicaprio is almost always a good thing! well ... unless kate winslet's around refusing to share a floating door with him ...


Sarah said...

Great list! (Oh, and silly comment about Leonardo DiCaprio).

I can't think of any major ones that you missed!

Johanna said...

This was a great list! Singing in the Rain is one of the most amazing scenes ever and really stands on it's one of the best expressions of what it feels like to be in love ever!

So rain is used for purification, to show a shower of emotions, and rebirth.

StevenHamilton said...

Raising Arizona jailbreak scene!

StevenHamilton said...

LOTR: The Two Towers battle scene!

Emily said...

Raising Arizona...that's a good one! Haha kinda reminds me of Shawshank even though it happened before it!