look at this shapely post! it's what's left over from my week.

- bought my swimsuit >>> the chosen one (which was really hard because THIS one was only $35!!! ... and while i was looking for those links i found another!! i'm so conflicted).
- i'm dying, DYING! over these rifle paper co. iphone cases. DYING!
- i can't seem to shake my desire to eat out like every single day this week. currently craving 1) o'falafel chicken shwarma, 2) habit burger onion rings 3) anything at cubby's 4) and last night i think i may have had the best ceasar salad of my existence at pizzeria limone.
- how great are these arrested development posters? may 26th can't come soon enough.
- i too have come to terms with the fact that i am an iceaholic and endorse these suggestions on the best fix.
- salt lake's bike share program opened on monday. now if only the weather would cooperate.
- and another beehive announcement: red butte garden's 2013 outdoor concert series. yessssssss!!!

happy weekend!!