music monday.

i've been working on my playlists again; it's all work, no play guys.

the following had me wanting to unplug my headphones from my work computer and BLAST the sound throughout the fourth west wing of the church office building for all to enjoy. they just don't make em like this anymore:

- i just wasn't made for these times - the beach boys
did you know that the beach boys made a really sad song that masquerades as a balladie version of their normal selves? did that sentence make any sense? look at these lyrics:
i keep looking for a place to fit
where i can speak my mind
i've been trying hard to find the people
that i won't leave behind
they say i got brains
but they ain't doing me no good
i wish they could
each time things start to happen again
i think i got something good goin' for myself
but what goes wrong
sometimes i feel very sad
sometimes i feel very sad
(can't find nothin' i can put my heart and soul into)
i guess i just wasn't made for these times
every time i get the inspiration
to go change things around
no one wants to help me look for places
where new things might be found
where can i turn when my fair weather friends cop out
what's it all about
i guess i just wasn't made for these times
what a sad, sad time for them.

- the "in" crowd - dobie gray

i'm immediately putting the following two phrases into my daily vocabulary:

1. "if it's square, we ain't there"
2. "spendin' cash, talkin' trash"

- at the codfish ball - shirley temple
her voice! it's so cute i can't even stand it!
also, are there songs about codfish balls anymore? no! but there should be!

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wjmom said...

Miss Shirley Temple dancing with Buddy Ebsen! Thank you very much.