what i eat at work: kneaders.

i've been trying really hard not to eat out lately. i even cooked 2 whole times this week. and even though my corn chowder and chicken chalupas were quite tasty, i can't shake the habit. i brought a lunch today so i wouldn't be tempted but when 10am rolled around i found myself ordering not lunch but BREAKFAST at kneaders. i can't say i was disappointed, in fact, i may do breakfast out more often now that i've experienced it. also cause it's the most important meal of the day you know ...

i ordered the greek omelet. i have a weakness for feta cheese and this omelet did not disappoint in that area. the omelet had feta, spinach, and mushrooms and came with a side of wheat toast and two slices of oranges. oh boy it was GREAT! a good substitute for my favorite st george breakfast at the egg and i.

kneaders has MANY wonderful things on their menu that i'm no stranger to (thanks city creek). you need to try their all you can eat french toast during mortality, i'm a sucker for their chocolate croissant; at lunch try their broccoli cheese soup or just a simple ham and cheese sandwich, in college i loved their chicken salad sandwich and parmesan chips with a cream cheese brownie for dessert.

basically you could go there for anything, at any time of the day and be happy.
long live kneaders.

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