summer things.

this past winter in utah was BRUTAL. i remember going to st george in march and feeling this glorious warm sensation on my skin. it took me a minute to remember that is what the sun feels like. you can imagine my excitement then, upon seeing 90 degree pink on my blue app. here are a few snapshots of my recent days (realizing as i add them that they are mostly of food) ...

first home-grilled burger of the year. the stuff dreams are made of.
PROUDly got this fire started after ... maybe 45 minutes of attempts. it felt good.

yellow field near willard bay.


memorial day breakfast. my veggie omelet with feta was the PERFECT way to celebrate.

grilled brussel sprouts.

cutest lil' fresh picked strawberries!

wild strawberries near provo upper falls.

poppa and i at provo upper falls, up mirror lake highway. 

summer has been good to me thus far. looking forward to (at least) one trip to st george, 2 trips to california, and saying "paige gets home next season".


brittney said...

yeah when are you coming?

Amelia said...

Love all of these pictures. So much summer love :)