what i eat at work + some odds + some ends.

if you haven't noticed lately by the absence of posts, i'm lacking inspiration. i guess i'm just in a funk lately of feeling like every day is the same; there is nothing note worthy. I HATE THAT. a dear friend suggested that every time someone asks me "what's new?" or "how's life?" or "are you dating anyone?" i try and think of something that is new, whether that be that something exciting like i bought a new ipad, or something like ... i scraped my knee jumping on the tramp and it has taken like 2 months to heal ...

but neither of those stories are BLOG worthy. let's place all of that aside for now cause today is the first day of a new season, arguably the very best season, and that deserves some recognition.


my mom and i went to cucina for lunch today. they are on second avenue between q and r streets. my mom and dad have been going there for years, getting their famous curried chicken salad. i'm pretty sure it used to be in a house. they have recently remodeled but the food is as good as always. i MIGHT even say this is one of the best lunch options salt lake has to offer. i'm never disappointed. today i got the torta rustica filled with ham, squash, eggplant, and cheese, with a caprese salad on the side. oh my! that salad. i have ... no words.


lastly, i just ate at buffalo wild wings and it was way good. i felt really young last night at a 90s band concert. there are like 4 movies i need to see this weekend; monsters university, much ado about nothing, the kings of summer, and the bling ring! my sister gets home in one hundred and sixty one days. i will be in st george in seven days. i will be in st george in seven days. i will be in st george in seven days (sorry, i'm really excited about that one). 

happy summer solstice!

*image via shaylalilian


brittney said...

travel plans and traveling are always great sources of inspiration. you'll get that soon :)

brittney said...

* by which I mean, you will get to TRAVEL soon.

mack said...

I want to eat where you eat! Happy Summer! You're an inspiration to me, if that helps.

Audrey said...

i like this post.