birthday trip to italy.

got this from my sister today, she is serving a mission in rome right now (114 more days!). and so far, BEST birthday present!


did you know that you got to celebrate your birthday a few days early? take a sneak peek into how you and i spent your birthday in italia ...

we studied the gospel. we studied how to improve our teaching, the word of wisdom for emmanuele, and found a nice spiritual thought to share at correlation meeting.

we ate breakfast ... the classic "honey snackies" from the local discount store.

we knocked on doors and shared the message of the restoration with the greatest people on earth.


you played with our guard dog, zora.

you drilled sorella wiltbank on her past tense verbs.

and we went to bed on time, because we are always obedient.

happiest birthday to the most beautiful, wonderful, silliest girl that i love more than anyone else who has ever been born. i love you so much! thank you for your wonderful example and unique personality that has blessed me every single day of my existence.

sorella wightman


Audrey said...

hahaha, you played with the guard dog.

RochelleHaddad said...

YOu had a great birthday. YOur sister is such a sweet heart!