26 things to do before i turn 27.

^^^ this is how old i feel. 26! the sound of that is just dripping with antiquity. guys, i've got a lot to do in my life. here's what i'll focus on for the next year:

1. participate in a sprint triathlon.
happening september 1st!
2. ^^^ take swimming lessons to prepare. 
3. read the old testament.
4. read the new testament.
5. make pickles.
6. write and mail at least one snail-mail letter per month (preferably to a different person each time).
i'll count this as checked off, but i was REAL good at the beginning and then trailed off into awful.
7. throw a "pop-up" dinner party.
i'm counting a progressive dinner we threw in february for this one.
8. get a passport.
10. go camping at least 5 times.
11. search for the best late-night eatery in salt lake.
12. take a cooking class.
13. paint something.
14. become a rock climber.
15. go to a full day at the movies.
16. participate in a random act of service.
17. do a front flip into a pool.
18. grow trash can potatoes.
19. write a letter to my 30 year old self.
20. do stuff by myself.
21. stay at a dude ranch, do dude ranch things.
22. take a trip via train.
23. get a deep tissue massage.
24. make (and eat) and 6 course meal.
25. create a time capsule.
26. get acupuncture.

to see how i've fared in previous years, here's 25 things, and 24 things.


mack said...

I like this list. I'd love to help you accomplish some of these...maybe the train ride trip? :)

Amelia said...

This really is a great list :) I can't wait to see these come to life!!