take to the highway.

august was a travelin' month for me (which has got me thinking why am i not ALWAYS traveling? what with my marital and financial status, there is no excuse). so sit back and relax, this is gonna be a long one.

once upon a time my mom discovered that alligant air flies out of provo. cheap cheap cheap $50 flights to oakland is what possessed me to visit san francisco twice in one month. luckily they were completely different trips; one with ma and pa, one with friends, one staying in sf, one driving 2 hours down the coast. but both were great!


trip number one consisted of a visit to the oakland temple, a stay in the san francisco marriott, the ferry building farmer's market and  a LOT of good food with my mom and dad. they visited probably 15 years ago and have wanted to take me ever since. we found the cheap flights and decided to make it a combined birthday celebration for my mom and me.

^^^ loved this series of buildings. sf has great architecture! i also really liked coit tower and of course, the story behind it.

^^^ fisherman's wharf.

^^^ we had to hit up ghirardelli square. it was so packed with tourists we had to fight to get a seat. in fact, everywhere we went this weekend was packed with tourists. but the crowd didn't take away from the deliciousness of this shake. 

^^^ my mom with cousin it at the palace of fine arts.

^^^ me in china town! i wasn't too psyched about seeing this. i've been to other china towns and they're fun but maybe not take-2-hours-outta-my-trip fun. this china town though, was worth it. lots of fun shops and eateries. it reminded me of little italy in new york, but china in san francisco.

^^^ sunday we drove across the golden gate bridge, out of the fog (thankfully), and over to muir woods. if i ever decide to move to northern california, you'll find me working as a ranger in that park. so pretty! and that smell is one i would wear as perfume.

^^^ these toes finally felt sand after the windy road to stinson beach. the beach was lovely, the drive however, made me mad barfy sick.

^^^ we put the finishing touch on our trip at fenton's. my dad served his mission in the bay area and remembered fenton's as the after-temple pit stop for members and missionaries alike. i was also surprised to find out that it was featured in one of my favorite pixar movies, up!


the second time around was a road trip! we flew into oakland (yet again) and picked up our convertible. holla! this was like the single girl's trip of your dreams. driving down the coast in a convertible, staying at a beach house, and again, of course, good food.

^^^ site seeing on fisherman's wharf. it wasn't nearly as crowded as last time and was warmer ... maybe only because this time i had a jacket. we wandered around the pier and ate dinner at a creperie with latino workers and reggaeton music. fun!

^^^ here's me in the windy city, wait, no. but it looks like it right! haha. we took a boat ride from pier 39, under the golden gate bridge, and around alcatraz. it was QUITE choppy and a little chilly, but good times were had all around (until the last little bit when my sea sickness hit).

^^^ my feet at the palace of fine arts.

^^^ just BEAUTIFUL at sunset.

^^^ one fun night. we drove maybe an hour and a half to get to our beach house in watsonville. when we arrived we were starved, so we got some jack in the box then went on an adventure to find the beach. we could hear and smell it, but it was so dark we couldn't see it. when we finally did see it, it was so so lovely. the waves catching the moonlight is a sight i'll never forget. we were all so elated (and maybe a little hyper-tired) that we stripped and ran out into the ocean; one of those "and in that moment i swear we were infinite" moments in life. 

^^^ our house was right on the beach. so every morning i would go out and pick up sand dollars and snap pictures of the fishermen. that morning ocean mist could cure cancer i think.

^^^ santa cruz pier. what a fun place! we rode a couple rides then swam for a bit. LOVED it!

^^^ ready for the log flume. amelia's face ... kills me.

^^^ davenport beach. i feel like this came right outta from here to eternity. like a secret hidden gem.

^^^ we ended our second day strolling around the natural bridges beach at sunset. you can see the fishermen in the background of this. there were couples and tandem bikes. it was such a quaint lil place.

^^^ and here's the car and my feisty attitude that accompanied.


^^^ i was home for a quick juice cleanse and a swim in emily's dad's pool, then it was off again to st george.

^^^ shoulda been a model.

and now, before i even realized, it's september! and the state fair is starting tomorrow! and all the public pools are closed! and the first byu home game is saturday! and and and. i can't say i'm TOO sad this summer sped right by. it means that my paige is close to coming home (86 days). plus, i always love me a little fall.

hope you had a good summer. here's to a marvelous fall.


Roxanne said...

Super lame that you didn't. call. me. - especially since i live 5 minutes from all of these places!!! Next time, I better see you! Ps. I want those floral pants.

Johanna said...

Lots of fun! And why don't you travel more?

I know I would. :)

Amelia said...

All these pictures make me look like I'm always bopping around wide eyed and over excited... oh wait... ;)Also I'm lovin these model pics!! work. it.

brittney perry said...

all my faves :) you've made me want to visit my own place all over again.